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I paid for a full year, and am tempted to just change my photo to a middle finger and write nasty things. The matches are far and few and when you finally connect w/ someone, e Harmony deletes or removes them the next day. This site is awful, better off on a cheaper site like "Our Time" and get more communication that's not deleted. I read some of the negative reviews, however I did have a good experience with them over five years ago.

It is like bashing my head against a very expensive wall. EHarmony offers very little support, hard to even find a customer service phone; not a harmonious site.

There are really few of my matches, or people in general who have even bothered to look at my profile which tells me that few are active on this site and I have stated worldwide as a search criteria, so there really isn't any excuse, whereas I don't have this problem at other sites.

Despite asking my matching preferences, they have sent me matches which do not match up to my preferences.

The line between a future of financial solvency and one of distress is thinner than you might think.

Unfortunately, many people don't realize they're on the wrong side of that divide until it's too late, says Jessica Cecere, South Florida regional president for Cred Ability, a nonprofit credit counseling agency."I call it ostrich syndrome.

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Not only does this indicate that she has a low resilience for pain and struggle, it’s only a matter of time before she starts hitting you up for money.

You know that things aren't good, but you just don't want to face up to it right now," she says.

But the earlier you realize you're having issues with debt, the better chance you have of fixing them, Cecere says.

It just looks like they just throw anyone your way and call it a 'match'.

I don't like the layout and look of the site, it's cumbersome and outdated.


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