Adult chat rooms for ipads

We are now recording everything that's said in the chatroom and are banning members who spoil the fun for others.

To report idiots in chat, click through to their profile, hit "Report User" link.

After all, the English language has so many phonics and blends that sound the same but are in fact quite different (for example: 'c' & 'k', 'or' & 'aw', the list goes on).

At least this way there is no guess work for the child and by eliminating this frustration a student will feel more confident when they are developing their spelling skills.

I remember when i first went on it about 4 years ago.

It is designed for those students who are just beginning to learn their sight words (prep/kindy/ grade 1) as the game tells those students what the word is when they touch the word tile on the screen.

Just think, young students can now learn their sight words when driving home from school! For students who have already been exposed to the sight words, the game says the sight word then the student has to match the audio of the word to the correct word tile. The game includes 10 words which the student has to find each matching pair.

The Sight Word games have been designed with varying levels of difficulty.

Sight Word Speak goes first and is the easiest game.


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