The following error occurred validating the name domain

Contact the Network Policy Server administrator for more information.

User: Security ID: domain\Administrator Account Name: domain\Administrator Account Domain: domani Fully Qualified Account Name: Client Machine: Security ID: NULL SID Account Name: - Fully Qualified Account Name: - OS-Version: - Called Station Identifier: Calling Station Identifier: NAS: NAS IPv4 Address: - NAS IPv6 Address: - NAS Identifier: VPN NAS Port-Type: Virtual NAS Port: 0 RADIUS Client: Client Friendly Name: VPN Client IP Address: - Authentication Details: Connection Request Policy Name: Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service Policy Network Policy Name: All Authentication Provider: Windows Authentication Server: VPN.Authentication Type: EAP EAP Type: Microsoft: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) Account Session Identifier: 313933 Logging Results: Accounting information was written to the local log file. I found a doc somewhere with a kinda similar issue and the solution was to disable IPv6 on the connection.

If this makes sense (@Jon Seigel) feel free to post an answer explaining what's going on.

Otherwise, tomorrow after the scheduled tasks exec, I'll post an answer regarding my discovery.

Error 53 Solution-1: Visit an ID card office to get a new CAC issued Error 53 Solution-2: Sometimes you can try the 32 bit Internet Explorer, if you still have problems, make sure your web browser is configured correctly.

Error 107 Solution: Follow this guide, slide 17 Error 117: Receive "Error 117 (net:: ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT): Bad SSL client authentication certificate" Information: This error can be caused by incorrectly configured system files in your windows Operating System.

This can be because it is expired, you changed branches of the military (example: Regular Army to Army Reserve), retired, or your contract end date changed for contractors. 8 Not enough storage is available to process this command. 142 The system cannot perform a JOIN or SUBST at this time. The caller now needs to enumerate the files to find the changes. 11 An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. 141 The system tried to SUBST a drive to a directory on a joined drive. 1022 A notify change request is being completed and the information is not being returned in the caller's buffer. Verify that the network path is correct and the destination computer is not busy or turned off.If Windows still cannot find the network path, contact your network administrator. The structure of one of the files containing registry data is corrupted, or the system's memory image of the file is corrupted, or the file could not be recovered because the alternate copy or log was absent or corrupted. 14 Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. 140 The system tried to join a drive to a directory on a substituted drive. 200 The code segment cannot be greater than or equal to 64K. 205 No process in the command subtree has a signal handler. 1021 Cannot create a stable subkey under a volatile parent key.


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