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"Marriage is when you get to keep your girl and don't have to give her back to her parents." -Eric, Age 6 "When somebody's been dating for a while, the boy might propose to the girl.

I always had plenty of advice for my kids on other topics (probably too much, in fact), but dating left me tongue-tied – and worried.To hold you over for the next one, check out the “Text or Call? Kids might not be the best in everything (well, not yet at least), but there's one talent they've mastered pretty well — being honest and speaking their minds.Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. "You should never kiss a girl unless you have enough bucks to buy her a ring and her own VCR, cause she'll want to have videos of the wedding." -Allan, Age 10 "Never kiss in front of other people.It's a big embarrassing thing if anybody sees you....But have no fear; you're about to learn a whole lot of wisdom from the best dating experts out there: kids.


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