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I will give you one piece of legal-related advice though.If you’re unsure about how to complete a Section 21 notice and you want to repossess your property as quickly as possible, I would recommend seeking professional advice from a solicitor or a company that specialises in tenant eviction/repossession. I believe there are currently three types of Section 21 notices in England & Wales: All of the above are available to download from here.The last thing I want is a bloody-eyed landlord knocking on my door like the damn Po-leece with their greasy, snake-oil solicitor, trying to prosecute me for giving them duff legal advice.I love you all, and I would embrace every single one of you as my own child, but I wouldn’t put it past anyone of you motherfudgers to try and pull a fast one on me!That said however there are some truths about dating Irish men that tend to apply which we will look at here.Some Common Features and Preferences of Irish Men The first thing you will notice dating Irish men is there speech patterns and accent.

Irish men if they are to fit their stereotype, will also enjoy things like Guinness which is a thick ale-like drink, Irish coffee and sports such as Rugby.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the amount of aluminum in modern vaccines that infants are exposed to in their first year is about 4.225 mg, which the agency considers to be low, and thus safe.

But some experts believe that there are vaccines being given to children today that contain far more than the FDA-regulated amount of 0.85-1.25 mg per vaccine.

The thing about Section 21 notices is that they’re notorious for being completed incorrectly, specifically the section where the landlord/agent fills in the “date of expiry” section.

Either way, it’s important to complete them properly to avoid any delays.


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