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If you’re in a relationship, I can help you resolve issues to improve your connection.If you’re struggling with life’s problems, I can help you work through personal dilemmas and provide direction through life coaching and/or psychotherapy. I have been doing this for a long time and trust me, the rules of relationships don’t change.We don’t teach dating tactics like, how to get a guy to ask you out again or what to say that drives her crazy.These are shallow and gamey and will NOT lead you to true love with your ideal mate.As a licensed and skilled therapist, I have been called one of the nation’s top relationship experts (according to Mc Calls), I have helped countless people develop more satisfying and lasting relationships and I can help you too.If you’re single, I can help teach you the dating skills you need to find that deep connection you’re looking for.The problem is that until you understand the underlying reasons and issues for your arguments and disconnect, it’s impossible to make the corrections and feel better. We believe it’s what we all want, yet it can remain elusive for so many.

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Have you been dating around for years now looking for “The One”?“Christmas is presented as being fun, joyful and uplifting,” says Neil Rosenthal, a relationship columnist and licensed therapist with offices in Westminster and Boulder.“But it also can be expensive, stressful and depressing, especially if you’re alone and lonely.” Beth L.And loneliness is one of the most painful feelings we can experience.This one thing I know for sure: YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE and you will find love just as soon as you believe you are worthy of it.Do you feel like you’re wasting time going on too many dates?


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