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University of Dayton President Dan Curran has shown a willingness to enter UD into other business deals like the purchase of the Dayton Marriott, which was a key part of luring the WNBA team to Dayton.University of Dayton housing will also be provided to team players, since the WNBA season mostly coincides with the reduced summer student population- it’s described as a win-win for the university.In another potentially huge win for Dayton, there has also been talk of the NCAA moving its corporate HQ to Dayton according to high level sources, although the offices may be at Austin Landing.

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No one seemed to mind that we were listening to The Misfits but talking about Miles Davis. An 18-year-old Jewish guy who vaguely resembled a young Allen Ginsberg, Eli wore a pair of vintage horn-rimmed glasses with futuristic clear plastic frames, and although he looked somewhat punk, his speech patterns and knowledge of jazz cast him as more of a self-styled Beat. This guy has a complexity that is like geometric or something.UD’s investment will be the addition of air conditioning and a new parking garage, with first-floor retail space just West of the arena.Simon Properties will manage the garage and retail, and construction, in exchange for a dollar a year lease on the land. I do remember liking the fact that I was now being handed a beer and liking the music as the conversation started and the van sped off.I was instantly subsumed by a conversation about girls and the dramas that ensued after any interaction with them, buying a new pair of silver Doc Martins, and vintage jazz records.Police said the man killed was middle-aged and didn’t live in the neighborhood where he was attacked.


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