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These moments effuse sadness and yet you chuckle - because if you don't, you'll sob in the corner of your room.

Theroux's suppressed cries as Nora laughs hysterically in his face when he asks if they should have a baby should have their names on every acting trophy going). In just 21 episodes, she has traversed every emotion a character would be fortunate to convey across decade-long shows.

He sported black leather sandals which he chose to wear with white socks.

John teased his tip-dyed hair into a spiky style and beamed as he promoted the documentary.

The uber private singer is also mom to a little boy, whom she discreetly gave birth to in February 2014 with her musician partner, whom she has not identified.

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She does not flaunt her celebrity by parading around with an entourage.He rose to fame as the snarling, misanthropic lead singer of the Sex Pistols and John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten is still a punk at heart at the grand old age of 61.The singer put on a very public display of affection with wife Nora Forster as he stepped out at the premiere of The Public Image Is Rotten in New York on Friday.However, 'Don't Be Ridiculous' takes a sledgehammer to this facade with Nora coming out the other side with her head free from the sand.Kevin and Nora are now going to Australia, the latter with ,000 in the hope of rediscovering her past life, and ultimately her .Take for instance Nora's anger when she drives to Kentucky to see Lily, now reunited with her mother Christine (Annie Q), and spots another child stealing her toy shovel, as well as the scene where she loses her shit with a ticket barrier.


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