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I've only dated one person in the industry, and he was actually more of a jealous person than you'd expect. We saw it as a way to see more Grateful Dead concerts by doing something we loved to do anyway. I don’t show up in stilettos and a bikini and act like a whore. Going to the pool, I feel like I always have the most conservative bikini on. But I really only know one couple that has lasted through the years.Stoya: When I was like 17, 18, 19, I just wasn’t interested in cultivating long term romantic relationships. Joanna Angel: My current boyfriend had a couple of friends who felt strange about it, or who tried to convince him he was doing something wrong. I don’t have plastic surgery, I don’t like walk out and scream porn star the way other people do. I tried [dating another porn actor] and it’s a terrible idea. Stoya: I had, I guess you could call them boyfriends, and I had people who I would have sex with that were also friends, but it was always like, "This isn’t permanent, you’re not my priority." I was young, and awkward, and kind of a bitch, and very blunt at times.If you're not sure of the way the name is spelled in our database, use a substring, and we'll check it out on the next page...

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And then you find that one person who’s absolutely freaking incredible, and they match, and they work, and you’re already good friends, and all of a sudden both of you are pretty much single, and you ask, "Hey, do you want to start hanging out more seriously? And then suddenly he has all of your shoes in his house in Los Angeles, and you have four cats, and you keep saying you’re a New Yorker but you’re not in New York very often. Men have been much easier, and haven't had any sort of stuff around me being an adult performer.

Buck Angel: Dating definitely was something that I wasn't used to, because my whole career in the adult industry I had been married to a woman who was extremely supportive. But with women, it definitely is a conversation that comes up.

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