Webmaster tools site performance not updating updating links

I wish I would have taken screenshots about three weeks ago, as the sudden “jump” in load time was much more pronounced and clearly distinguished.

The thing is, I’ve not made any significant changes that would affect , except for updating Word Press to the latest version, 4.4 “Clifford” on December 8th, 2015.

Schema is a language specifying page components that is supported by Google and other major search engines.

These components can be embedded into the HTML code of a page to specify key details of a page.

Search Console helps website owners identify a variety of common as well as not-so-common problems and correct them.

As you correct site errors, you are in turn helping Google’s search results by enabling it to include better performing website in its results.

If not, what major changes were introduced in WP 4.4 that may account for the sudden jump in load time? To be crystal clear: I’m just hypothesizing slash thinking out loud on this one..

Up until around the beginning of December, most of my WP-powered sites were averaging around 250ms load time for Googlebot.

For example, you can know if Google has uncovered any problems with pages that are no longer there or are not working properly, problems with crawling the site as well as get alerts of any actions Google may have taken against your website.

Google gives us tools like to enable us to help them while they in turn subsequently help us by providing us with important data about our website activity and performance as well as tips for improvement.

It’s something of a Holy Grail to attain the top spot in Google search results organically – that is, to rise to the top in search due to the relevance of site content in relation to search terms, rather than due to paid advertising.

Obviously, to rank high organically, you have to be doing the right things from an SEO standpoint…


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