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It takes a while for various story threads to kick into gear, but “Gilmore Girls” was always more interested in spending time with its eccentric array of characters than in powering through various tightly disciplined plot points.

The good news is, despite some structural wobbles, its singular combination of screwball patter, self-aware whimsy and barbed WASP drama remains more or less intact, and 16 years after the show debuted on the WB, “Gilmore Girls” continues to owe a great deal of its success to Lauren Graham.

And the mother in gilmore girls is a total frau, and all of their played out coffee jokes. There were tons and tons of rumors about the GG set when it was on the air -- extras were writing blog posts to air their grievances.

This news follows Milo's appearance at the 2017 Paleyfest with the rest of the This is US cast, who gathered at the Dolby Theatre for an audience Q&A earlier this month.

Fans of the hit series were pleased to pick the cast's brain during the panel, especially after the show's tearjerker of a season finale.

I seem to recall TWo P banned linking to those blogs but by the final season when it was clear that Graham had gone full diva there was no point, everyone knew the set was toxic. [quote]By the way, it was actually Lauren Graham I saw in action and I think she probably gives Alexis Bledel a run for her money: she eviscerated an AD because the humidity was causing her hair to droop ever so slightly. It would have been easy to get rid of her on Parenthood. The scripts for GG were something like 20 pages longer than typical hour-longs.

This one is even better:[quote]What about the comment that Lauren Graham was overheard making about the extras as new craft service was being placed on the table. Here's your dish, bitches.[quote] But the moment I had cleared the camera Lauren yells “CUT”, turns right to me and says “You extras need to do your fucking crosses faster when it’s my close up! I was not only humiliated from being yelled at, but worried that I was gonna get kicked off the set (which happens quite a bit if you manage to bug the star). Go back to your mark and ignore her.”[quote]Does anyone know if Graham pulled that shit on Parenthood? They worked longer hours especially in that first season.


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