Dating a canon camera

Both fall within time frame when the were the current release. and I've just laid my eyes on a 1DMKii N, whose serial number (as provided by the seller) is: DS126111As far as I know, the factories for Canon lenses are: U = Utsunomiya, Japan F = Fukushima, Japan O = Oita, Japan So there's no factory name starting with D, perhaps there are others for cameras ... I've just emailed the seller asking for further info, no reply yet Cheers, Max Well, I knew about the date code on lenses, but not that camera bodies had one too. Hi, Hope all is well please can you put me in contact with the seller of the 1DMKii N with serial number DS126111, my email address is [email protected] I'm realy interested please let me know, Adrian Thank you Michael!

I'll have to look in the mirror box on mine and see what's there. I'm actually checking a possible upgrade for my dying out 20D ...

The Canon 700D is one of the greatest mid-range cameras of all time.

However, cameras like the 700D aren't novels or albums and so, it must eventually stand aside for something better still.

The Nikon D5200 has a 39-point autofocus sensor, compared to the 700D's nine points.

The Pentax K-30 has a significantly larger viewfinder and dual command dials – features that are only available in pricier EOS models.

Even very small pinholes and tears will allow light into the interior or the camera, fogging the film and ruining photos.

For emergency repairs in the field, black electrician's tape can work, but for more permanent repairs, photographers have found a variety of other solutions.

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Of course with the 750D and 760D cameras already out, you'll see some cheaper prices on the 700D, so is it worth considering this older model?You may need the airline’s approval to carry batteries of this size.3) Over 160 Watt Hours Cannot be on passenger planes.This is one way batteries gradually lose capacity after successive recharge cycles (but see Memory Effect below). There is no limit to the number of such separate batteries you can carry.You do not need the approval of the airline for this.I found a T0404 inside the battery compartment on my 1Ds Mk II would would mean It was manufactured in 2005 and a S0804 in the same spot on my 1DMk II which would put its manufacture date in 2004. If I may go off topic: what are the main differences with the older mk II (not N)?


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