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A review of all waiting times targets by a group of experts was announced.Mysteriously I can't find mention of this major step, which affects everyone in Scotland who will ever need a hospital appointment, in the SNP manifesto. But pressure has been building from medical organisations and NHS managers to reconsider the targets, which cost a lot of money to nearly achieve and some feel skew true medical priorities.NOW is a critical time for the future of the Scottish NHS.Five weeks after the Holyrood elections, with no referendum bearing down on us (oh yeah, apart for the European one) we might finally hope to reach a degree of honesty about the health service.Incorrect label of test, lack of communication of result to patient, hanging on phone for hours to speak to consultants secretary, appointment interval from 9/11/16 for a 3 month follow up now may17 , abrupt and inadequate response from appointments personnel to when after 6 months an appointment would be ,just told when you are at the top of the list you will be called,with no idea as to when that would be.Simple queries to consultant secretary taking 2 days to reply When you are given an appointment with your named consultant you have to wait until you are at the hospital before you are required toactually ask to see your named consultant on the appointment day and this is not always granted.We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further.

As I went in for my X-ray the staff firmly and briefly told me what to do, I was very upset and felt undignified, overall I will not be returning to this facility as the staff are rude and arrogant Bolton One replied on We are very sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with our service at Bolton One.

It is easy to talk about waiting list targets – particularly when they are being reviewed – as though they are a nasty bureaucratic stick used by the government to beat health boards, and by opposition politicians to beat the government.

But the figures battered around are not abstract scores.

The ultrasonagrapher referred to our unborn baby as a 'trouble maker' when he/she would not move to a suitable position for measuring.

Feedback passed on to a Team Leader at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS) who stated all staff use this term and that it's just what they do.


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