Dating violence prevention curriculum video

We all have occasional conflicts, even with people we love. The other person's objective is to resolve it peacefully, or at least prevent a fight. Many people think there is too much violence on television.

But we shouldn't let little conflicts turn into big fights, especially violent ones. After the role play, have the class analyze what each person did to satisfy his/her objective. Did you change anything or make any decisions based on that experience? They say it makes us less sensitive to real violence in our homes and communities and more tolerant of it.

The following questions will take a few minutes to complete.

It is very important that you answer each question truthfully.

Make sure your Congressional Representatives know that this is simply inexcusable.

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One girl in the video claimed there is nothing she can do to prevent becoming personally involved in a violent confrontation. One person's objective is to escalate it into a fist fight. Tell the child what you have learned and how you feel about violence and violent behavior, and how you hope he or she will deal with violence in his or her own life.

Like many of you, we are deeply concerned by reporting in The Hill indicating that the new administration’s budget proposal may call for the elimination of the Office on Violence Against Women and Violence Against Women Act grants.

We take seriously any efforts to reduce or eliminate funding for domestic violence services.

This awareness is something we all share even though our ways of coping with it may differ. In that case, she’s an expert, on single PC’s or corporate systems.

In the course of this work, with all the fast clicking often required to solve complicated, technological issues, she’s sometimes found herself accidentally running across a whole can of worms no ethical person would dare to ignore. Even if those doors open into places where others might fear to tread.


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