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I probably shouldn't write a review right now because I'm still feeling a little rage-licous. And it makes the person who demands to come along look extra special stupid. This one was a good, fluff read, bit of escapism, competent writing and story line. Review by: Mrs Joseph on March 12, 2012 : I don't know what to say. I enjoyed the characters and - while some of the story was a little..the top - a lot of it was just great. I really hate it when non-trained people demand to be taken on a dangerous activity. I hate it sooo much because it is only a plot mover and it's beyond obvious. If you like the same type of rom-com plot, with love and sexual desire at first look, then this is right up your alley. Chosen at Nightfall, the fifth book in her New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls young adult paranormal series written under the name C. It was all too similar, so too boring for me to finish.This has become my fans' favorite series and there's 5 more books available now: DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DATING DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DECEIVED DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DANGEROUS DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DEAD DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DARING They're available everywhere ebooks are sold. And if you're a fan of my blend of humor and suspense, you should check out my New York Times bestselling young adult SHADOW FALLS series too.

It felt that the story was about the instant attraction that both parties tried to resist, with the mystery and such as fillers to put it in context.

Chosen at Nightfall, the fifth book in her New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls young adult paranormal series written under the name C. Review by: Nicole Thornton on May 28, 2012 : Liked this first book in the triology, but found the other two following the same lines so got bored and couldn't finish them. Should I demand to do his job daily because I *think* he could *possibly* get into trouble at work? " So why do authors think it's a great idea to send untrained people into situations where they are a hindrance and a burden?? It is a "I think I'm going to skim in rage now" moment. Three stars which would have been 4-4 1/2 if not for the incredibly annoying ending.

Now, if she can just keep them both alive and him out of jail . And as an added bonus, you'll also get a look at the first four chapters of Reborn, the first book in the YA paranormal series Shadow Falls: After Dark, that Christie is writing as C. Texas Hold ' Em, the next book in her humorous romantic suspense trilogy, is available now. And Reborn, the first book in her new Shadow Falls: After Dark series, is available now. His response would be: "Don't you have some books to read?

But all of that changes when the reindeer-antlered Fabio drags in a very desperate, on-the-run detective who decides to take refuge in her house—a house filled with twinkling lights and a decorated tree.

Warning: definitely addictive.” —New York Times Bestseller Nina Bangs More “Readers who enjoy Jenny Crusie and Janet Evanovich will fall head over heels for Divorced, Desperate and Delicious . .” —New York Times bestseller Dianna Love Ever since photographer Lacy Maguire caught her ex playing Pin the Secretary to the Elevator Wall, she's been content with her dog Fabio, her three cats, and a vow of chastity.


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