Dnsomatic not updating dyndns

q1) I wanted to use my router to update DNS-O-MATIC directly, but am stuck with some of the field entries: Host: Wanted to use the 'network 'LABEL' given in my Open DNS account dashboard, but instead used: all Domain: User name: the email address registered as part of my account at Server Address: what do I put?

Please improve the documentation, I want you guys to stay in business!

tbh i have the same ip for half a year now but just in case i set up a dyndns account with no-ip. Sat Feb 18 2012: I: INADYN: IP address for alias 'all.dnsomatic.com' needs update to '.28' Sat Feb 18 2012: I: INADYN: Alias 'all.dnsomatic.com' to IP '.28' updated successfully. On the DNS-o-matic site, I dont see any updates dated 2/18. Here is the history of past updates, so I know this works on my 10 day update cycle. I have 3 and have to manually update all the three when notified. Other than the options specified for the URL, yours should work assuming you have the correct information entered into your dnsomatic account. Even though the last 'update' was on 2/13, no-ip doesnt show the 2/13 update.

well since you have to update the free account within 30 days iirc i thought i use the service in my router for that matter. since my ip doesnt change it usually says "no update required". Host Name: all.URL: https://updates.dnsomatic.com/nic/update? hostname= Do not use external IP check: No Force Update Interval: 1 This updates your DNS entry daily. &wildcard=ON Additional DDNS Options: Do not use external ip check: Yes -- My router is behind my UVerse router and is DMZed Force Update Interval: 1 As it is, I have my update interval set to force an update once a day. No-IP details: History .28, Feb 13, 2012 pm, OK .28, Feb 3, 2012 pm, OK .28, Jan 24, 2012 am, OK .28, Jan 14, 2012 am, OK .28, Jan 4, 2012 am, OK .28, Dec 24, 2011 pm, OK .28, Dec 14, 2011 pm, OK 4. It still has the 'manual' update that I did on 2/5 IP Address: Last Update: 2012-02-05 PST Wierd .....

I started a topic few threads down for the same problem, with

I don't think this feature is fully/properly implemented yet, or only works with their own


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