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The Council of the European Union has amended Annex II to Council Regulation (EU) No.

36/2012 ("Regulation 36/2012") with effect from 24 July 2012.

Printed cotton textile fragment Cairo, Egypt Museum of Islamic Art About Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo Hegira 8th century / AD 14th century8204Cotton plain-woven and decorated with monochrome stamped block-printing. This cotton textile fragment is decorated with a printed design distributed along two bands.

The upper band is narrow and consists of a repeated inscription in Mamluk thuluth script which reads: 'Al-sabr ni'm al-nasir li kul shay'in akhir' ('Patience is blessed with success and everything has an end').

Group ID: 12712 AL-AHMED, Riad Title: Major General Position: Deputy Head of the Latakia Branch of the army's intelligence service. Registered agent is Mossack Fonseca & Co (BVI) Ltd Group ID: 12732 SYRIAN ARAB AIRLINES (SAA) a.k.a.: Syrian Air Address: Al-Mohafazeh Square, P. Box 417, Damascus, Syria Other Information: Public company controlled by the regime.

Group ID: 12709 AL-ALI, Nasr Title: Brigadier General Position: Manager of the Deraa site of the Political Security Directorate Other Information: Ex-head of the Homs branch Group ID: 12720 AL-HAMED, Firas Title: Brigadier General Position: Head of branch 318 (Homs) of the General Intelligence Directorate Group ID: 12717 AL-JARROUCHEH, Ahmed DOB: --/--/1957 Position: Head of the foreign branch of General Intelligence (branch 279) Other Information: Responsible for General Intelligence arrangements in Syrian embassies Group ID: 12724 AL-MISRI, Bassam Other Information: Police officer at Idlib central prison Group ID: 12723 BILAL, Bassel Other Information: Police officer at Idlib central prison Group ID: 12721 HALLAQ, Issam Title: General Position: Air Force Chief of Staff Group ID: 12729 HAMAD, Salah Title: Brigadier General Position: Deputy Head of Branch 291 of the army's intelligence service Group ID: 12707 ISMAEL, Ezzedine DOB: --/--/1947 POB: Bastir, Jableh region Other Information: Retired general. Tel 963112240774 Group ID: 12734 Financial institutions and other persons are requested to check whether they maintain any accounts or otherwise hold funds or economic resources for, or provide financial services to, the designated persons and entities.

The Hon'ble Selection Board, after conducting interviews of short-listed candidates of Bench at Sukkur & Circuit Court, Larkana on 6th May, 2017 has been pleased to appoint following persons as SUB OFFICE ASSOCIATES (BPS-9) in Sindh High Court, Bench at Sukkur & Circuit Court, Larkana.

They are directed to collect their Offer Letters from the concerned Additional Registrars, Bench at Sukkur & Circuit Court, Larkana within three (03) days.

In 1962, Nasser began a series of major socialist measures and modernization reforms in Egypt.Following Egypt's defeat by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War, Nasser resigned, but he returned to office after popular demonstrations called for his reinstatement.By 1968, Nasser had appointed himself prime minister, launched the War of Attrition to regain lost territory, began a process of depoliticizing the military, and issued a set of political liberalization reforms.Other Information: Graduate of the military school of Aleppo.Close to Daoud Rajah Group ID: 12727 AL-AHMED, Jawdat Title: Brigadier General Position: Head of the Homs Branch of the air force's intelligence service.“I didn’t know they had crips and bloods on payroll.”Lastly, Nas was asked to expound on the concept behind his “Black Republican” record with Jay Z.


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