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Although Chloe attempted to runaway from home after witnessing an argument between her parents – even after watching Nancy get hit by a truck – she thought better of it and returned to her mother’s side and played a part in awakening Nancy from a coma with her beautiful voice!Although her relationship with her father was anything but stress free, Chloe accepted the fact that she’d promised her mother she wouldn’t let Craig know ‘she knew’ he was her dad and found a way to relate to him as a friend.Nadia Bjorlin (1999 - June 13, 2003 - contract; December 2003 - January 2004; August 2004 - September 2004; December 2004 - September 16, 2005; November 2007 - Tuesday, September 27, 2011 and back January 4, 2013 - April 16, 2013, Friday June 10, 2016 - present.)Raised in various foster homes, Chloe was told and always believed that her parents died in a car accident.It wasn’t until she was introduced to and went home with Nancy that Chloe found out her biological parents, Nancy Miller and Craig Wesley, were indeed alive.

David and Victoria Beckham’s son was seen with the German model after seeing Elton John – Brooklyn’s godfather – perform at the Camden Roundhouse for the Apple Music Festival. * Divorced Brady and later started fooling around with Philip Kiriakis. * Married Brady and moved to Europe, but later returned to Salem without Brady!The report suggests that there are a few different possibilities for the shocking paternity test results.The most simple explanation would be that Kate Roberts lied.Nonethless, at the time, a source close to Brooklyn said he was ‘desperate’ to patch things up with Chloe.


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