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Canadiens coach Toe Blake wouldn’t let Plante wear the mask during games up until that point, but his goaltender said he wouldn’t go back on the ice without it.Blake obliged as NHL teams didn’t have back-up goalies at the time.It's just too bad he didn't even play in the game..., Bryz has a unique personality.However, this awesome mask was from his glorious days in the Anaheim sun—where he posted unreal numbers taking over for then starter JS Giguere during their Stanley Cup run in 2007.Big shoutout to Daffy Duck, the best Disney character of all time.I have no idea where Cloutier was going with this one seeing as how there is no logical correlation between "City of Angels" and that naked demon, almost alien-like figure near his forehead. The Golden Seals were one of the original expansion teams in 1967, along with the Kings, Blues, Flyers, Penguins and North Stars.

“The mask is something I wore on occasion during the 1978-79 season.I mostly wore this on occasion during the ’78 - ’79 season and not so much the next two seasons (79-80, 80-81) as that whole spread the pain thing didn’t work out so well versus a cage. the mask was painted by a High School friend of mine, Bob Dorsey who at the time was an art student at RIT. We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.This in turn is of uncertain origin — perhaps from a Germanic source akin to English "mesh", but perhaps from mask- "black", a borrowing from a pre-Indo-European language.One German author claims the word "mask" is originally derived from the Spanish más que la cara (literally, "more than the face" or "added face"), which evolved to "máscara", while the Arabic "maskharat" - referring to the buffoonery which is possible only by disguising the face - would be based on these Spanish roots.In parts of Australia, giant totem masks cover the body, whilst Inuit women use finger masks during storytelling and dancing.


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