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Eddie Luca is the youngest son in a family of Italian immigrants who has moved to London.

After being presumed lost at sea for 5 years, Oliver returned home with a mission to rid Starling City of crime and corruption, becoming the hooded vigilante known as The Hood.

Over the next 12 weeks or more, Paula will develop your dream into an exclusive pattern, to produce your truly unique outfit.

Quality tailoring presents you at your best, a bespoke corset lifts and tucks with amazing results. Alterations & Repairs Skirts or trousers too long, or your favourite coat has lost its lining?

Made to measure offers great value and a fast turnaround.

Starting with an initial appointment to choose your design and a fitting taking place at four weeks, your unique garment is ready for collection after 6 weeks. Bespoke Bespoke is your fairytale creation in the making.


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