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Is it the whole amount of P10,000 worth of procurement or the P200?petty cash need not pass thorugh the BAC or RBAC as to our case.See policies and procedures on Treasury Management's web site.

- It must be contiguous, unless it comprises two or more islands or is separated by a local government unit independent of the others; properly identified by metes and bounds with technical descriptions; and sufficient to provide for such basic services and facilities to meet the requirements of its populace. - Division and merger of existing local government units shall comply with the same requirements herein prescribed for their creation: Provided, however, That such division shall not reduce the income, population, or land area of the local government unit or units concerned to less than the minimum requirements prescribed in this Code: Provided, further, That the income classification of the original local government unit or units shall not fall below its current classification prior to such division. - A local government unit may be abolished when its income, population, or land area has been irreversibly reduced to less than the minimum standards prescribed for its creation under Book III of this Code, as certified by the national agencies mentioned in Section 7 hereof to Congress or to the sangguniang concerned, as the case may be. - No creation, division, merger, abolition, or substantial alteration of boundaries of local government units shall take effect unless approved by a majority of the votes cast in a plebiscite called for the purpose in the political unit or units directly affected.

(c) The general welfare provisions in this Code shall be liberally interpreted to give more powers to local government units in accelerating economic development and upgrading the quality of life for the people in the community; (d) Rights and obligations existing on the date of effectivity of this Code and arising out of contracts or any other source of presentation involving a local government unit shall be governed by the original terms and conditions of said contracts or the law in force at the time such rights were vested; and (e) In the resolution of controversies arising under this Code where no legal provision or jurisprudence applies, resort may be had to the customs and traditions in the place where the controversies take place. - As a general rule, the creation of a local government unit or its conversion from one level to another level shall be based on verifiable indicators of viability and projected capacity to provide services, to wit: (a) Income.

CHAPTER IIGeneral Powers and Attributes of Local Government Units Section 6. - A local government unit may be created, divided, merged, abolished, or its boundaries substantially altered either by law enacted by Congress in the case of a province, city, municipality, or any other political subdivision, or by ordinance passed by the sangguniang panlalawigan or sangguniang panlungsod concerned in the case of a barangay located within its territorial jurisdiction, subject to such limitations and requirements prescribed in this Code. - It must be sufficient, based on acceptable standards, to provide for all essential government facilities and services and special functions commensurate with the size of its population, as expected of the local government unit concerned; (b) Population.

The inclusion shall constitute the affirmation or acknowledgement of the person, under penalties of perjury, that the instrument is his or her act and deed or the act and deed of the corporation, as the case may be, and that the facts stated therein are true.

Compliance with this Section shall satisfy the signature provisions of Section 101.10 of this Act, which shall otherwise apply.(a) Whenever any instrument authorized to be filed with the Secretary of State under any provision of this Act has been so filed and, as of the date of the action therein referred to, contains any misstatement of fact, typographical error, error of transcription or any other error or defect, or was defectively or erroneously executed, such instrument may be corrected by filing, in accordance with Section 101.10 of this Act, a statement of correction.before such filing, except that any right or liability accrued or incurred by reason of the error or defect being corrected shall be extinguished by such filing if the person having such right has not detrimentally relied on the original instrument; Certificates and certified copies of certain documents to be received in evidence.


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