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Flirting is subtle: it is typically not an explicit sexual activity, but rather an enjoyable, gentle prelude or substitute for it.

Flirting has elements of intellectual teasing flavored by emotional play.

For children, the Internet offers extraordinary opportunities for creative learning, information and for communicating with their peers in different parts of the world, thus strengthening pluralism and cultural diversity.

But the Internet also provides opportunities for criminal activities and puts children at considerable risk of becoming victims of paedophiles and child molesters.

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He used this term because it was a suitable fit to his parody.

haha = I'm acknowledging that you've said something you perceive to be funny, though I don't find it particularly funny myself.2. = I am weary and loathe to laugh, but here, you have forced it upon me; OR: I hate you.3. = I am pleasantly surprised to learn you are capable of modest humor.4. mwahaha = I am very optimistic about my own evil plans, and possibly an actually bad person, and not a great speller. heehee = I have done something mildly transgressive.18. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (etc.) = I am starting to panic that I may never stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol (sent from i Phone) = The above, but with an added element of Autocorrect shame.

muahaha = I am very optimistic about my own evil plans, and possibly an actually bad person.16. I want this sentence/conversation to be over but lack the wherewithal to end it directly, with purpose; I want to admit to a feeling but lack the conviction; I want to tell you how you've hurt me but want more to pretend I am invincible; I want to laugh, really laugh, but do not remember how; OR, maybe: that was funny, whatever.29.

For more and more people in all parts of the world, the Internet is a part of daily life at work, at home and at play.

In today’s world, "never leave home without it" refers more to your computer "laptop" than your credit card!


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