Mandating community service is bad

More often than not, the politics that our communities know is simply about survival.

It is about being deeply anxious, worried and frightened about how to cope with what is happening now - and what will happen next.

Exactly 51 years later in 1998, The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) mandatorily legislated that the entire U.

S population would now be required to ingest this substance.

Adventists believe the key to wellness lies in a life of balance and temperance.

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On the other hand, many respondents paint a bleak picture.

The federal district court judge ordered Schwarzenegger Administration officials to take all steps immediately to rescind any approval given to Fresno County to reduce those wages and to officially notify the court of compliance.

Last week, Fresno County mailed notices to the more than 12,000 IHSS workers in that county informing them that their wages and benefits would be cut in July.

The action by the federal court represents at least a temporary victory for thousands of IHSS workers and people with disabilities, mental health needs, the blind and seniors in Fresno County who receive services under the IHSS program.

The legal documents filed by the lawyers on behalf of the IHSS workers, claimed the issue had major impact on the state's compliance with the landmark 1999 US Supreme Court Olmstead Decision under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


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