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But converting the value to Date type gives strange result. Element By Id("txt Completion Date").value "10/12/2014 PM" ? How can I use the range validator to validate a valid date?If I enter 1 January 1000 as the min or max value I get an error saying value cannot be converted to type date, but if I use another format it picks up my entered text as invalid.Below is my code: This works, but the caveat is that this allows dates that may be out of range of SQL dates less than 1753 or you may have a date range (no future date entries).If you want support for another format string, please lodge an issue or send us a pull request.

I want to add a following client side validations : Converting the value to Date type gives strange result. Element By Id("txt Completion Date").value "10/12/2014 PM" ?

new Date(Element By Id("txt Completion Date").value) Sun Oct 12 UTC 0530 2014 [prototype]: Invalid Date Is there any way to specify the date format while converting value to Date type?

//First check that textboxes are not empty if($('input[id$=txt End Date]').val()=="") var end Date=new Date($('input[id$=txt End Date]').val()); var start Date=new Date($('input[id$=txt Start Date]').val()); var effct Date=new Date($('input[id$=txt Effective Date]').val()); if(end Date//First check that textboxes are not empty if(Element By Id("txt End Date").value=="") var end Date=new Date(Element By Id("txt End Date").value); var start Date=new Date(Element By Id("txt Start Date").value); var effct Date=new Date(Element By Id("txt Effective Date").value); if(end Date Using Java Script did not give any error.

Chameleon Forms provides a way for you to hook into the unobtrusive validation library that ASP.

NET MVC uses to validate that the date format the user specifies is OK based on the format string you provided.


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