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Yep, 'Malcolm In The Middle' centered around the very disfunctional family of six (which would later turn into seven) with Frankie Muniz playing the role of Malcolm, the normal boy with a genius I. So where are Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, Francis, Hal and Lois now?Frankie Muniz landed the lead role in the successful film 'Agent Cody Banks' in 2004.

East Rutherford Mayor James Cassella, a Republican, said he understands that taxpayers may be looking at the project skeptically because of the reputation that many New Jersey politicians have these days.He started a company called Virgin Produced in 2010 - the film, TV, and entertainment branch of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.Its credits include Zac Efron's 'That Awkward Moment' and Bradley Cooper’s 'Limitless.' Although Erik per Sullivan voiced Sheldon the Seahorse in the amazing animated film 'Finding Nemo', he has only appeared in a handful of movies and TV series - his last role was in 2012 when he played Timmy in 'Twelve'.Living with them is Carrie's father Arthur who appears to be one of the highlights of the show.This show was released in 1998 and I didn't start watching it until about a year ago and found it interestingly funny.Taking place in Rego Park, Queens, New York, a blue-collar married couple, Doug, a deliveryman, and Carrie, a secretary at a law firm, who both live with Carrie's oddball father, Arthur, try to make the best of what they got while trying to make their marriage somewhat normal and getting through tiny problems that they have together, even the occasional run-in with Carrie's father. You've got Doug played by Kevin James who is the loving and sometimes self-centered husband to Carrie played by Leah Remini.


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