Expat dating in hong kong

We engaged with an expert psychologist, Kate Berger, to share some tips to help with your family transition when moving abroad.

See how countries compare based on the things that are most important to your career.

Apart from Statue Square, which is at the heart of the area, there are few cultural sights in Central, as many colonial buildings have long since disappeared, making way for high-rise development.

The desire for real estate has always been strong, and land reclamation started almost as soon as the British took over in 1841.

Getting around The best way to get around Hong Kong’s central areas is on foot.

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The sleek, corporate cathedrals of local banks and businesses tower over the ever-teeming streets of Hong Kong’s financial and administrative epicenter.

In the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, 16,000 expats completed the phrase “Expat life is…” with a word that reflected their own experience.

We engaged a poet, journalist, blogger, and AI (artificial intelligence) to interpret, in various art forms, the words used by expats to describe Expat Life. Get to know your host (or future host) country in more detail.

The Expat Explorer survey, now in its ninth year, is one of the largest independent global expat surveys.

See at a glance how countries compare across the globe, compare countries in detail and gain in depth analysis from 26,871 expats.


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