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Upheld by the Motion Picture Association of America, Goldwyn was legally permitted to fine Paramount ,500 every time it neglected to add the Emily Brontë prefix to the title of their version.

See more » With this version out, there is no contest that this is by far the best version.

Given the breadth of the field, we’ve done our best to concentrate on films that take first love as their primary theme, but it should be noted that it crops up as a subplot with astonishing frequency, too.

Aside from finally giving more than one Playlister an excuse to watch “The Notebook,” first love stories provide a neat complement to First Time movies, which we ran through last week following the release of “The To Do List.” And while we basically avoided instances of crossover, it is telling to note how few real crossovers there are: usually it’s pretty clear, even if circumstances are similar, whether a film is going for the heart or for the groin.

almost shockingly, however, there is little attraction and passion between the two actors.

didn’t even know olivia holt had a new song out today and now we can’t stop jamming.

scott thomas: 'i'm a late developer' 27 july 2011 harold pinter's betrayal gains faith of critics 17 june 2011.fiennes celebrates the english patient's 20th anniversary with juliette binoche & kristin scott thomas!eventually the circumstances of nelly becoming dickens’ mistress are revealed and all we are left to guess is how ternan will end up mrs.to kristin scott thomas, nicolas winding refn, only god forgives, ryan gosling, vithaya pansringarm, yayaying rhatha phongam.on bbc one's andrew marr show, she said: "i won't bore you with all the stories of older women not getting jobs in film because it's so boring.The sweeping Gothic backdrop paints a somber and dark canvas for the movie to be played out upon.


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