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In addition, packaging often has a direct function in the application of the treatment; for example, it may act as a fixture or a dispenser.

It must ensure the integrity of the device from the point of manufacture to the point of final use.

In a ruling that could have dramatic financial consequences, Florida’s high court sided Thursday with Miami police officers fighting to undo unilateral cuts to their salaries and pensions made years ago during a financial crisis.

The Florida Supreme Court, in a 4 to 1 decision, quashed a lower court ruling that upheld Miami’s 2010 declaration of financial urgency, a rarely-utilized state law that allowed administrators to force open union contracts and impose sweeping concessions on public employees.

If you want to collect floating point numbers, use a non-integer for min or step.

This input type lets you collect a number (either integer or floating point). The exact value is not displayed to the user unless you use Java Script.


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