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C.-based non-profit Judicial Action Group found an “objective review of Judge Pryor’s decisions in Glenn v. Anderson-Wiley leads to the conclusion that he has failed to interpret the Constitution as the framers intended.” “Accordingly, he lacks support from many conservative leaders who, like President-elect Trump, believe that Justice Scalia’s seat must be filled with a nominee who has a deep record of commitment to the Constitution.” The Glenn case centered on a claim by a man who wanted to be a woman that he suffered discrimination when he dressed as a woman and went to the office, a move his supervisor perceived as disrupting operations.

The organization reported that in the Glenn case, Pryor “concurred with the court’s opinion to create a new transgender right to employment and bathroom nondiscrimination.” But Pryor offered “no analysis of the text of the law or constitutional provisions and failed to cite one case of binding precedent from either the U. Supreme Court or the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.” Specifically, Pryor concluded that the right should be created even though not one of the 16 Supreme Court cases cited addressed “transgenders.” Nor was there any precedent in the 11th Circuit.

However, in the Glenn case there was no binding Supreme Court and Eleventh Circuit precedent on ‘transsexual rights,’ which makes the case analogous to a Supreme Court case and, therefore, highly indicative of how Pryor would vote on the Supreme Court,” the action group found.

Read the history of the attacks on marriage and the family, from the days of Karl Marx and Margaret Sanger to those now pushing for mandatory recognition of same-sex “marriage,” in “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left has Sabotaged Family and Marriage.” Pryor supported the result in the Keeton case in which Augusta State University expelled a female Christian student for refusing to engage in a “remediation” plan imposed because of her conservative and religious views on homosexuality.

Ask Victor Lopez, a 17-year-old transgender male, what it was like when he got his period at the age of 8, and he’ll tell you a wrenching story about locking himself in his room for hours, crying and hiding from his family. The onset of menarche made him feel disgusting and terrified, as though his body had dragged him through someone else’s puberty, he says, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“Preteen and adolescence were some of my most messed-up years,” says Lopez, who adds that he has always felt like a boy.

And while hormone-based therapy can delay puberty, very few people even know it exists, or if they do, can afford to pay out of pocket for the treatment, which is expensive and typically isn’t covered by insurance.

In Houston, even if a gender nonconforming child is able to delay puberty, the city’s transgender community will not be protected by the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).

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