Sccm compliance report not updating

- Automated caching of Objects to optimize performance.- Windows Remote Management (Win RM) instead of WMI connections.I've had some real struggles with coming up with a good system for managing software updates in SCCM since we went live back in mid-2012.Its taken over a year with much hair pulling and gnashing of teeth but I think we finally have a pretty decent system in place.Project History This Project was previously published as a part of the SCCM Client Center Project from Project References The following Projects do depend on the SCCM Client Center Automation Library: - System Center Opalis Integration Pack for SCCM Agent Actions SCCM Client Center - Client Center for Configuration Manager 2012 - SMS Collection Commander - Collection Commander for CM12 - ...

This post is a complete step-by-step SCCM 1602 upgrade guide.

The worst part is all the books you buy are very confusing and (quite frankly) they tend to make recommendations that are flat wrong.

Maybe they are focusing on theory rather than practicality but I'm just amazed at how badly so many books written by so-called "experts" managed to steer me off course with regards to this key feature in SCCM.

App Enforcement State= 1001 then'Already Compliant' whenae. Status=0 then ‘Unknown’ end as ‘Status’, case WHEN ui.severity=10 THEN ‘Critical’ WHEN ui.severity=8 THEN ‘Important’ WHEN ui.severity=6 THEN ‘Moderate’ WHEN ui.severity=2 THEN ‘Low’ WHEN ui.severity=0 THEN ‘Add On’ end as ‘Severity’ FROM v_R_System sys INNER JOIN v_Update Compliance Status UCS ON sys.

App Enforcement State= 2004 then'Waiting for maintenance window' whenae.


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