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The main advantage of this is, that when you add a new distribution group in your hierarchy, you simply add the distribution point to the already existing distribution point group and it will be filled with the content defined for the distribution point group. Either distribute all content to all distribution points, or at least be consistent to always distribute to distribution point groups instead of distribution points.

In large environments, inconsistent distribution of content can lead to distribution points which are not aligned to each other, while you intended them to be because you grouped them in a Distribution Point group. If you have the possibility to do so, use RBAC to restrict access to distribution points while giving access to the distribution point groups 2.

Patch compliance success rate is depends mainly on heath of your SCCM clients and some times things may go wrong even though sccm client is healthy (able to receive applications/packages and performing inventory except patches).

Coming to the subject line, I have been seeing many questions on the configuration manager forums and social networking sites on software update patching issues .couple of questions on the subject line are like In this blog post (SCCM 2012 Troubleshoot software update client issues), I will explain you the basic troubleshooting steps (only on client side ) which will help you to resolve issues on your own by analyzing the logs and take it further afterwards.

But I had the need to resend all failed packages on a distribution point and I was in no mood to click around in the GUI so I investigated the WMI classes listed on MSDN: of all, what I am looking for is packages on a certain distribution point.

These are listed in the class For starters I filtered the packages after Status being 2 or 3 but there is no obvious property containing the name of the Distribution Point, only the property Server NALPath.

One of most important and critically used feature in configuration manager 2012 is Software updates .

It is always challenging and import task for any sccm administrator to achieve good patch compliance success rate within the given SLA(Service level agreement).

If you do not disable automatic updates (Via GPO) leaving the door open for the WUA to do things on its own outside the control of Config Mgr including installing any updates approved directly in WSUS (including new versions of the agent itself which are automatically approved) and rebooting systems which have a pending reboot.This happened today for me at a customer when we were upgrading the hierarchy. Copy and paste the newly renamed into the same location. In the Image ID column you’ll find the Package ID value that should be used in the above Power Shell command. The is located in the location below, if you’ve installed Windows ADK 8.1 in the default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits.1\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\en-us 4. You’ll get some output when the command has finished.If you were not following along in the extremely wonderful Config Mgr (I wasn’t at that time), it’s easy to miss that the default boot images was not updated. Rename it so that it reflects the boot image for the site, e.g. For your information, executing the command takes some time. In my lab environment that location is at D:\Config Mgr\OSD\boot\x64. Rename the to bak and then rename the boot image named something like boot. Once both of default boot images have been updated, you’re now able to see all the tabs again and make customizations to the images. Nickolaj has been in the IT industry for the past 10 years specializing in Enterprise Mobility and Security, Windows deployments and Automation.Below is the steps that I did for both the x86 and x64 boot images. Rename it so that it reflects the boot image for the site, e.g. In the Image ID column you’ll find the Package ID value that should be used in the above Power Shell command.You would only need a secondary site if you also need to control traffic sent from client systems to the site server, as the secondary site has a Management Point.


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