Gypsy sync error messages when updating

The recommended ‘Cache Level’ setting depends on your computer specifications, including: A ‘Cache Level’ of 0 is recommended for users with high-performance computer setups.

This includes a fast, multi-core CPU and SSD drives for sample streaming.

We now have a fix for users with newer OSX operating systems and users on 64-bit PCs. Double-click the Set Rex Folder Permissions.command file 4. • Improved legato engine quality • New slide articulation • New finger picking mode • Non-Monophonic Legato mode is now available • Improved instrument drop tuning • Quick controls added to the playback page when in legato mode • Added new "hit next string" release sample option • Improved strum noise realism • Instruments have a higher humanization and realism default than before • Keyswitches added for forced playing on a specific string • Various minor bug fixes • The manual has been updated and a new "quick start" guide is also included with helpful tips to get you going as quickly as possible This update is recommended for all users who purchased Acou6tics prior to March 27, 2014. The update includes: Minor changes and fixes to existing patches as well as adding more than fifty new patches.

This setting will result in more RAM usage, but less demanding playback for the CPU.

A ‘Cache Level’ of 4 is best for users with slower computer setups that are using less demanding sample libraries that are streaming from traditional, mechanical HDDs.

This article is not about the new One Drive sync client.

The processes here update the existing One Drive for Business sync client.


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