Access sql server not updating tables

In SQL Server 2016, Microsoft introduced SQL Server R Services, a feature that supports enterprise-scale data science by integrating the R language with SQL Server database engine.In SQL Server 2017, machine learning becomes even more powerful, with addition of support for the popular Python language.How do you find out if statistics are correct, and what can you do if the automatic update of statistics isn't right for the way a table is used?Statistics are critical metadata used by SQL Server’s query optimizer, which influence the selected execution plan for a query.The Enterprise Services BI team (ESBI) provides a unified reporting platform for over 20,000 Premier Support and Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) resources.ESBI helps Premier Support and MCS build credible relationships with customers by providing consultants in the field with critical, real-time data about customers’ product and services purchases, transactions, accounts, billing, usage, compliance, issues, and risks.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 includes new and improved features that will provide BI users at Microsoft greater availability, better performance, and more security.

The optimizer obtains its knowledge of the data, its distribution, and the number of rows a given query is likely to return from the available statistics.

Based on this knowledge, it decides the optimal access path, making choices such as whether to scan a table or perform an index seek, use a nested loop join or a hash join, and so on.

Amazon RDS supports access to databases on a DB instance using any standard SQL client application such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Amazon RDS does not allow direct host access to a DB instance via Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), or Windows Remote Desktop Connection.


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