Updating internet explorer for mac not quite dating not quite series by catherine bybee

Internet Explorer is the default web browser for Windows computers and tablets using Windows 8.1 or earlier.

However, Internet Explorer 11 will be the last version of IE.

Starting with Windows 10, the default web browser is Microsoft Edge.

This depends on which Windows operating system you're using: IE 11 has two versions for Windows 8.1: one for the Start screen, and one for the Desktop. Navigate to Settings in your browser and select About Internet Explorer (or About in some versions of IE).

So, this won’t block a seasoned geek, but it’ll at least keep your kids from opening up the wrong browser!

Be warned that there are some Internet applications that make use of the connection settings in your Internet Options.

Or, another option I’ve seen some school network administrators do is to configure a proxy server that’s set up to serve an internal webpage that says something along the lines of “You’ve reached the end of the Internet.” The students may not laugh – but at least you’ll get a chuckle! You’ve completely blocked IE from accessing the Internet, and the only thing that a clever user could do to fix it is to find the right registry keys and fix them.

Any browsing done in this mode will not be logged on your computer.

You can use In Private Browsing in both the desktop and Metro versions of Internet Explorer.

On March 17, 2015, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Edge would replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on its Windows 10 devices.

This effectively makes Internet Explorer 11 the last release.


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