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(1) (2) (3) (4) When she released "songs in a minor" she was datin one of her producer.

The guy was fat and i thought meeennn, what is this sexilicious damme doing with this fatty bum bum. The guy she is dating is called Kerry "Krucial" Brothers She always mentions "Krucial keys" in her song. If you ask me something important i wouldnt know ask me some rubbish about some celebrity and i know.

On why she didn't speak on this matter until now, Ms.For over 3 years, Alicia Keys has been branded a homewrecker ever since she first started dating her now-husband Swizz Beatz.After news broke that Swizzy was still very much married to his wife, at the time, Mashonda Tifrere, Alicia remained quiet for years about being the woman who allegedly broke up Swizz and Mashonda's relationship. Alicia finally defends herself for the first time when you read on....But with pics of the two surfacing on vacay together, throwing birthday parties for each other, and cell phone kissy pics leaking, the evidence piled up. Swizz has said in interviews he had no longer felt "close" or married to Mashonda in his mind and heart.Now, Alicia tells Mashonda said the oppsite though in plenty of interviews, very public Twitter rants, and even on the reality show "Love & Hip Hop." Maybe the definition of "separated" is the issue. But still, Mashonda has maintained that she and Swizz had just had a baby and were still sexually involved and no papers were served when Swizz and Alicia started dating--she had no clue he wanted a divorce.In the June 2011 issue of ESSENCE magazine, cover girl Alicia Keys speaks out against those scandalous homewrecker accusations--years after they began.


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