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The nebula and the pulsar that it contains are some of the most studied astronomical objects outside the Solar System.It is one of the few Galactic supernovae where the date of the explosion is well known.

The event was recorded in contemporary Chinese astronomy, and references to it are also found in a later (13th-century) Japanese document, and in a document from the Arab world.

Furthermore, there are a number of proposed, but doubtful, references from European sources recorded in the 15th century, and perhaps a pictograph associated with the Ancestral Puebloan culture found near the Peñasco Blanco site in New Mexico.

The remnant of SN 1054, which consists of debris ejected during the explosion, is known as the Crab Nebula.

Nach der Terrorattacke von Manchester sind am Mittwoch drei Männer in der nordenglischen Stadt festgenommen worden.

Der Attentäter soll Kontakte zum IS gehabt haben, ist vor dem Anschlag wahrscheinlich nach Syrien gereist.


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