Tiffany hsu ethan ruan dating

Meanwhile, Ethan revealed that he will 'take further action' after wrapping promotional activities for the movie, which is slated to open in Taiwan cinemas on Sep 5.

The 31-year-old also expressed his well wishes for good friend Mark Chao and Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan, who said their 'I Dos' in Taiwan last month.

Since they were aired, netizens have flooded Internet forums with gushing and even lustful comments. Taiwanese online news portal Liberty Times recently reported that Qiao En praised Ethan for his ‘exciting kisses’, saying he was the best smoocher when compared with other actors such as Blue Lan and Ming Dao.

Cheryl too, reportedly said she she enjoyed Ethan’s ‘playful kisses’ as opposed to those she shared with one of the series’ supporting actors, Wen Sheng Hao. His pretty boy looks soon moved him into the drama scene, with his first series, Michael The Archangel’s Dance five years ago.

Chao, 30, and Gao, 35, fell in love while playing a couple in the Chen Kaige cyberbullying drama Caught In The Web (2012). The groomsmen were Chao's four gangster-playing co-stars in Monga (2010), including Ruan. They had registered their wedding in Beijing in June, and on Friday morning, also registered for marriage in Taipei.

Gao, according to some reports, wore a Chloe embroidered gown for the rings and vows ceremony, as well as a red French lace gown and another Chloe number for the dinner. The love-struck couple spoke effusively about each other.

We can't put a finger on it too; there's something very exotic about the frame of her face.

HE BLUSHED when reminded that the Chinese media has been calling him King Of Bed Scenes and Taiwan Stallion.

This week’s Next Magazine (壹週刊) is worth its weight in gold — if you’re a feminist or sociologist and want to teach your students about Taiwan’s lurid media.Luckily I did not give up (my search)." This article was first run in The Straits Times newspaper on December 5, 2014.For similar stories, go to You will not be able to access the Premium section of The Straits Times website unless you are already a subscriber.Çince adı: Hsu Wei Ning / (許瑋甯 ) Tiffany Hsu’nun babası İtalyan-Amerikan annesi Tayvanlı’dır.Ancak Tiffany doğmadan babası annesini terk etmiştir ve Tiffany’i annesi ve onun ailesi büyütmüştür.Recounting his marriage vow to reporters later, Chao said he had found a "perfect woman" and Gao was a better partner than he could imagine and he promised never to cheat on her.


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