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And because she will not produce testosterone, her body will never take on male form and, like the CAIS child, she may discover she is an XY female when she reaches adulthood.

The Y chromosome has surprisingly little influence in humans and other mammals. The first (and main) purpose of the Y chromosome is to “trigger” the creation of an initial burst of testosterone in a developing child (who will later pass on that gene in reproduction).

What was once a very taboo subject in our culture, only seriously (and quietly) contemplated by doctors and researchers, is becoming dinner-table talk with the new, greater visibility of transgender and intersex people.

Perhaps a little thought experiment can add to this conversation?

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As ^\e have already seen the recovery from famine losses is usually very rapid. There remains also the fact that the men considerably exceed the women in numbers, to what extent mv vil- lage returns when completed will afford some indication. Baines' Eeport on the Census of -Bombay, 1881, pages 34 and 35. , Tanti and Tatwa (Hindu) Teli and Tili BIHAR AND ORISSA. Kumhar (Musalman) Lobar (Hindu) Lobar (Musalman) Maclihi (Musalman) Mirasi (Musalman) Mochi (Musalman) Xai (Hindu) Nai (Miisalman) , Patban Rajput (Hindu) . Though the property cannot pass out of the motherhood, the husband has full use of it during his life-time, and he can select a person [nokroiiff, house-supporter) to succeed him as the protector of his family and manager of its proj^erty. Persons living on agriculture must be distinguished as landlords or rent receivers, and actual cultivators or rent payers. D.^The preparation and supply of material substances. In the case of groups, however, the Tbe c'.asslfloatlon of oooupatlons prior to 1911. Persons who live principally by brick and tile making with their dependants aggregate only 210,000.

S., FELLOW OF THE ROYAL STATISTICAL SOCIETY CALCUTTA SUPERINTENDENT GOVELRNMENT PRINTING, INDIA 1913 Price Rs. Constable & Co., 10, Orange St., Leicester Square, London, W. The relatively greater net increase ia the Native States as com- ])ared with British territory is explained l)y the fact that many of the States suffered severely from famine in the previous decade when they sustained a net loss of 5 per cent., while British territory gained 47 per cent. Hence it is conceivable that many in these niglit watc Uings contracted fever, of which, when disabled from work, they were left by their relatives to die. Jhinwar (Alusalman) Julaha [Hindu) Knnet (Hindu) Kashmiri (Musalman) Kbatri (Hindu) Kumhar (Hindu) . TTith the Garos also the children belong to the mother's clan.* The woman is the owner of all except self-acquired property, and her daughters inherit to the exclusion of sons. In the ease of clerks, the occupation of their employer must be shown, e.g., lawyer's clerk. In the ensuing census the main division into classes, orders and sub- orders described above remained practically unchanged. In Burma, on the other hand, the industry is concentrated at certain centres ; and nothing strikes the visitor from Inclia more forcibly, as evidence of the difference in local conditions, than the huge rafts of earthen pots which are floated down the Irrawaddy, from the villages where they are made, to the various markets along its banks.

Here, we created a mouse line using Mvh, Gdf9, and Zp3 promoters to drive distinct temporal expression of three fluorescent proteins in the oocytes and to identify where the first follicle cohort develops.

The fluorescent profile revealed that the first growing follicles consistently appeared in a specific region of the ovary, the anterior-dorsal region, which led us to analyze if meiotic onset occurred earlier in the dorsal ovarian region.


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