Who is miley cyrus mom dating

The singer quickly corrected his own post with a duplicate of the photo that reads, “Whoa! Been at work #Still The King Glad to see so many love @Miley Cyrus the same as I do #happy.” In a new interview with , Miley Cyrus’s mother, Tish Cyrus, also denied the wedding rumors. “If Miley was getting married it would not be in that dress,” Tish added. ’ ”Miley’s older sister Brandi Cyrus added her thoughts—mostly sartorial in nature—on the rumors. ” she asked, shaking her head in reference to the white flowing cotton top in the photo.Rumors have been floating around about Miley and Mike for a while, but we were pretty doubtful that Miley would jump into a new relationship so soon after breaking off her engagement with Liam. However, we totally respect Miley's decision to keep her love life private, especially after such a public relationship.

To calm their nerves, some celebs turn to alternative methods, from marijuana to... That's what fans of the "Wrecking Ball" singer are assuming after her dad Billy Ray Cyrus shared a photo of Miley in a white dress on social media.

I need to know these answers because they have been taunting me everyday.thanks ok, her mom is not dead she talks about it in like 5 different magazines, her dad named her miley because she smiles all the time, i think her parents are divorced but im not sure.

and if she "told you" that her name is destiny hope (which it is) then how come u didnt know this already.

And obviously, we can't be mad if Miley has a new love in her life — even if she doesn't share any of her selfies with Mike on Instagram!

Last Friday, Billy Ray Cyrus set off rumored wedding bells for daughter Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, via what many read as a cryptic Instagram post. Tish and Brandi, who have their own upcoming home-makeover show, , alluded to a possible his-and-hers home improvement for Miley and Liam, but they wouldn’t elaborate on details of their show.


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