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The Found Footage Festival – a cult New York night which showcases the funniest and most downright bizarre VHS videos found at car boot sales and thrift stores across America – makes its UK debut at the Soho Theatre on June 29-30.

The forgotten clips are some of the most extraordinary and hysterical we've ever seen.

Joe lived there for five years, I lived there for one year.

And Joe worked at a video duplication company in Minneapolis for that whole time, so somehow this promotional reel for Knight Crawler -- it had the band introducing themselves, and it had a couple music videos on it with some live concert footage and stuff -- that ended up at the video duplication company, so he just made an extra copy for us when that came through his hands.

How the montages are spliced and thematically patched together kind of makes Prueher and Pickett the Girl Talk of home video. "It's like a nine-month tour, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday," Prueher said.

"Then we take the summer and work on a new show." Prueher and Pickett narrate the show, humorously conjecturing what was going on in the minds of people in the video. Pickett has written for The Onion and Prueher worked on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Colbert Report." They also direct short films and video. How about a home movie filmed at a 1985 heavy metal festival, and an exercise video featuring Dolph Lundgren (Remember him, the Russian from "Rocky IV"? "It is that little window in that time and place that was worth committing to video," Prueher said of the clips.

Their current tour puts them in Minneapolis for two just-announced shows at the Heights Theatre on December 10th, and like many of their previous installations, there's a few notable links to the Twin Cities.

Walters said that although he was shocked at what he was seeing, he had time to get out his cell phone to film the creature in question.

“I quickly realized it was not a bear but a Sasquatch,” Walters told the local news station.

"When I heard that song, I was like, 'That's our anthem,'" Prueher said.

While what The xx watches is left to the imagination, Prueher and Pickett screen anything they can get their hands on. It's the uncool version." You'd be surprised what you can find in thrift store bins and garage sales.


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