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I also accumulated 392 blog followers, 280 email followers, 45 followers, 981 comments and 55 comment followers. I have now published 400 blog posts which was shared 1,859 times.“My reaction to that is that this is our own problem.And it’s us who will be affected, it’s us who will be destroyed, it’s the whole country that will be destroyed, it’s the Filipino nation that will be destroyed.It suggests mutually willing participants, not just those coerced to take part in profitable applications, could be considered criminally liable.The terms "for favour and consideration" are also vague -- it is not directly talking about partaking in cybersex for money, and so could be used to target ordinary people with no involvement in the sex trade.The Philippines, which has historically never filtered online activity, has passed an act that outlaws a long list of offences including cybersex and libel, at the same time handing the government powers to block site access.President Benigno Aquino III has signed the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 -- which criminalises a wide range of cyber activities from hacking and identity theft to cybersquatting and spamming -- and announced the launch of the Office of Cybercrime.

To my faithful readers, thank you thank you very much. 🙂 To all the Deaf Community and their family, Deaf Schools, Deaf Organizations and its members, other NGOs, NGAs, LGUs; the New Media Services Cares (NMS-Cares) invites everyone to come join them.The 1st NMS-Cares Deaf Festival with the theme “A community that DEAFinitely Cares” intends to provide a venue for the Deaf community to showcase their skills; gain knowledge, employment opportunity and personal development; at the same time promoting Deaf Awareness.This 3 day event will feature performance highlighting Deaf talent, art exhibit and trade fair, seminar, job fair, sports contest and film screenings all to foster and gain deeper understanding of the Deaf Culture.The senator said the country and the people’s interest must come first before anyone’s vested interests.“Let’s have the common sense to consider not our selfish interest but the well-being of the Filipino nation, the well-being of our country,” Pacquiao, a staunch supporter of the president, said.Schedule of Activities for the Event are as follows: The NMS-Cares, Inc. *PLEASE SHARE / FORWARD / POST as widely as possible. To: Videographers / Editors / Animators / Storytellers / Writers / Actors / Artists / Producers / Designers / TV / Mass Comm students, networks Fine Arts students, alumni & organizations / Teachers / education students / language or culture students / Web designers / administrators / Lawyers / law students (interested specially in copyright, IPR) or any dynamic, resourceful team players, volunteers who want to be a part of Deaf History!


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