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Hey Evan, I am writing to you from a pseudonym because I’m a public figure and could use your advice!I may not be a household name, but I have enough of a recognizability that makes online dating impossible.Finally, Schumer matched with someone who seemed promising: Ben Hanisch, a furniture designer from Chicago.

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Here's a look at the total of twelve of celebrities who are contestants on I'm A Celebrity 2016 this year...In the past I have tried dating others in a similar position as me, but it hasn’t worked out for different reasons. He’ll respond, he’ll ask for a photo, you’ll send it to him via Gmail, screen him by phone, and meet in person. The most beautiful woman I ever dated wrote to me on Match without a photo and I’ve been recommending this advice since my first book in 2004. I’m close with a lot of matchmakers, and while I egotistically feel that if you have me, you don’t need them, there are many bright and busy people who prefer to outsource their love lives.After a recent dud, involving the son of a very famous actor, I have been reading your blog thoroughly and I want to commit to putting your words of wisdom into practice. Still, it’s important to recognize that unless you’re a Hollywood celebrity or newscaster who is consistently on TV, the majority of people don’t know you. Is it more work than letting hundreds of emails passively roll in due to your beauty? This is so much more empowering than the next two options that I’d be extremely disappointed if you didn’t try it. I can’t name any of my favorites here, since I’m friends with so many, but Google is your friend.I realize that finding a great relationship isn’t about my own status or accomplishments, or the other person’s, and I am more than willing to date a “regular” guy who values me! I’ve worked with a few semi-famous folks who were convinced they were big time, but, in fact, were able to date online in almost-perfect anonymity. To your point, Lily, I will acknowledge that the internet has created many levels of fame, and so I must assume that you’re as important as you say you are. Here’s what to expect from matchmakers: Pro: Someone else finds men, screens men, vets men, introduces men to you. Tell your girlfriends (and guy friends) that you’re looking to be set up. It was weird back from 2004-2007 when I had two books, a bunch of TV appearances and a website. Aghhh this is exactly the reason why I don’t date online anymore.My question is – how do you think I should go about meeting and finding these guys, considering my public status? Sure, a handful of people recognized them, but for the most part, they were another face in a vast sea of online dating profiles. 🙂 So here are my three free answers as to how recognizable people (like us! You have higher chance of quality-assurance than if you’re browsing strangers online. Hell, post it on Facebook (if you’re not too embarrassed). I’d be absolutely petrified now with social media and blogs. By no means a celebrity, I am widely known in the narrow circle of my industry and since my city has very high concentration of people working in the same industry it pretty much feels like a big village rather than one of the largest metro areas in the country.(Notable fact: These profiles were connected to legitimate celebrity social media accounts, so we're assuming they're the real deal.)See the famous faces—looking for love just like the rest of us—we've seen while browsing Raya after the break, so you know who you might encounter should you get in.


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