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does not coincide with the character that the writers create on paper.

Bobrow told us, in the final lines of his explanation on Twitter the following: And can we at least agree on one thing that I hope and pray you can all see as clearly as I can?

The burgeoning feelings between the two are sub-plots to multiple second season episodes, and by the third season it is fairly clear the show is moving in that direction. During a party to celebrate Abed and Troy moving in together, Jeff creates several different timelines when he rolls a dice in order to get out of getting the pizza.

Most of the timelines show them kissing or getting intimate., Jeff looks into his heart and finds several images of Annie which can hint toward the depth of his feelings for Annie.

That Jeff Winger sabotages his relationships, and that Jeff Winger, deep down, doesn’t think he deserves happiness? In our episode of Hot Switch, I argued that Bobrow was incorrect…

or at least, the intention of the writers to convey that persona of Jeff Winger had failed.

See, it doesn’t matter in this scenario if Andy Bobrow is right or if Jeff/Annie shippers are right.

Although it is likely that Annie was not intended to be a romantic prospect for Jeff when the series was initially created, the obvious chemistry between the two led to several Jeff/Annie storylines fairly early in the series.

In an early first season episode, Jeff begins to take notice of Annie and the two eventually kiss, which results in their being rather awkward around each other (and is the origin of their signature head-pat move).

Jeff aggressively pursued Britta romantically in Season One, but she repeatedly refused him; he did see some hope with her after Shirley reveals that Britta had a sex dream about him.

Eventually, he moved on and started dating Professor Slater.


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