Dating friend make pal pen site

They’ve got their name, age, sexuality preferences, religious beliefs and they are asking for you to get in touch.

This isn’t a dating site, but a prison pen pal site looking for writers.

Pals may seek new penfriends based on their own age group, a specific occupation, hobby, or select someone totally different from them to gain knowledge about the world around them.

A modern variation on the traditional penpal arrangement is to have a keypal / epal and exchange email addresses as well as or instead of paper letters.

Prison pen pal sites aren’t anything new; they started to crop up in the USA around 15 years ago with the goal to keep prisoners in contact with the outside world during their time behind bars.

From here the motivations of different sites start to show, and many have since been criticised for the sexualisation of prisoners in their pen friend profiles.

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The police from many countries are nowadays searching social networking sites for, among others, networks and criminal activities.

It is suspected that people roam profiles and then send other people your way to become friends with you.

The sort of people I am referring to, are people who are involved in or sympathize with prostitution networks.

This has the advantage of saving money and being more immediate, allowing many messages to be exchanged in a short period of time.

The disadvantage is that the communication can be very ephemeral if the email messages are not routinely saved.


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