Talk dating your parents

If she doesn’t know how to handle it, the best thing to do is to stay calm!

Make sure you tell him what is going on clearly and how you exactly feel – and about it.

Parents are not big on surprises where your romantic life is concerned. Showing up with a random, unexpected guy has more potential for failure than success. Remember, these people used to change your diapers. A great alternative is telling them that he’ll drop by to spend a short time on his way to somewhere. An hour or two at most is a safe amount of time for a first visit.

Be polite without freaking out if they have a zillion questions. Family dinners are a common first time meeting moment but can be very stressful.

My happy go lucky mother loved the idea, and she loves my boyfriend so much, she suggested that we might as well go get married.

Even though their opinions contrasted, they still wanted me to take on a commitment I wasn’t ready for.

My dad and I are moving to another state while my sister finishes high school, so this will become a big problem! " -Stephanie, 13 is thrilling and gives you those good butterflies in your stomach.

Following them isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, but it’s worth it to try.

Hopefully, they’ll be as excited for you and your significant other as you are… We’ve gotten to a place where it’s ok now, but here are a few things I kept in mind leading up to The Talk: Their reactions may be more different than you think.

My parents are divorced: my traditional and conservative father didn’t take well to the news, and kept telling me that he’d be more comfortable if I’d waited until after I’d gotten married.

When it comes to having a talk with your dad, you must remember that : the stage of wanting her first boyfriend, getting her first kiss or really just the first time she's into a boy.

So, don’t be shy when you want to talk about it with anyone, especially your dad!


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