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But Lenya is also a 48-year-old computer network administrator called Marshall Woods, who likes motor racing, visiting museums and reading crime novels in his spare time.Mr Woods is what is known as a furry and Lenya is a "fursona" he has created, which he described as a "sort of space weasel".They can take up to 200 hours of work, and cost thousands of dollars.A court case where the two defendants met on a "furry" website has put the spotlight in this little-known world. Lenya looks adorable, with lots of glossy white fur, black paws, a shiny pink nose and cute little pointed ears.It’s true that women are staying away from public furry gatherings, and they’re staying away because they are being harassed by men who are hoping to pick them up, talk to them, or just make friends.Data collected online (ref Furrypoll) and data collected at large conventions (ref IARP) show this trend: online we’re (around) 80% male; at conventions we’re (around) 90% male.They can be anything from cartoons characters like Bugs Bunny to computer game personalities like Pokemon.The scene has its own art, animation, comic books and literature, but activities are largely conducted online - where furries adopt "fursonas" for role playing.

To not have to conform to what people think being an adult is like.”Dee’s costumes though, are no joke.

The meeting never took place — the child was in fact an undercover federal agent. Held in a Lackawanna County jail, the man was charged with unlawfully contacting a minor as well as involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and statutory sexual assault.

More sinister still was what authorities say Harvey divulged after his arrest.

As the Guardian piece explains,“We researchers are horrified by that stuff,” says Kathleen Gerbasi, a social psychologist who has researched the furry community extensively.

“Because it really doesn’t represent the reality we see in the fandom.” In her experience, people have either never heard of furries or they have a wildly distorted idea of it.


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