Mary stuart masterson eric stoltz dating

When Keith asks out the most popular and attractive girl in school, Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson), Watts realizes her feelings for him are much deeper.

Watts tells Keith that Amanda will appreciate a good kisser, and shows Keith how to kiss, whereupon Keith is confused by his romantic feelings for both girls.

See more » This is one of those films which creeps up on you.

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Keith is feeling more and more independent and seriously considers art school. Keith knows it’s a grab for revenge but its Amanda, why the hell not say yes and he forces her to keep the date. The date is over and Watts is waiting for them, the ever faithful chauffeur, but she’s had about all she can stand of seeing Keith love another girl…

When Watts is shooting craps with the off-duty waiters behind the restaurant, as she counts out the money to place her next bet she's holding a cigarette in her left hand.

In the next shot, her cigarette is in her right hand.

So that scene in which Mary Stuart Masterson and Stoltz kiss for the first time and they're blushing, it's not make-up. In the final scenes, Keith and Watts walk down the street, presumably towards home, while Amanda is left to find her own way home, leaving the Jaguar, with the keys left in by Watts, sitting in front of Hardy's house.

But in the original script, Amanda is given a ride home by Shane, while Keith and Watts walk back to get the Jaguar.


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