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Minor fixes and changes sea Pro sailing Race route page- Added greying out of buttons when making selection entries to prevent user accidental starting another operation without completing action.

Version 11 only sea Pro professional Additional XML logging and alarms capability.

Widely accepted as meeting SOLAS carriage requirements, they give bridge crews faster, accurate updates and easier access to the information they need.

ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) for ships has gained popularity over the years and has become a real necessity for safe navigation at sea.

Unlike paper charts which are only purchased once, until a new edition is published or a chart is cancelled, electronic charts are purchased through a license system called “permits”.

This function gives the exact match in scale and presentation of the chart and radar echo image.

ENCs automate the process of integrating real time positions with the chart display and enable to continuously monitor the position and safety of the vessel.

It gives the navigator a complete picture of the instantaneous situation of the vessel and all charted dangers to navigation.

To use the ECDIS effectively it is also important for the navigating officer to know how to order the charts for the intended voyage and about means and methods available to keep them updated .

The method of procurement of electronic charts is different when compared to paper charts.


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