Dating fostoria glass

After four years the fuel supply ran short at the site so the company was moved to Moundsville, West Virginia.

Fostoria was known as "The Crystal for American." Fostoria Glass Company was called a "hand house," meaning every step in production was done by hand.

The company's craftsmen became experts at shaping, finishing, and decorating.

The earliest glass Fostoria made was pressed crystal wares.

Moundsville was selected because of the availability of coal as a fuel for the plant—and ,000 cash offered by the community.

In early December, the move to Moundsville was delayed by a temporary restraining order.

Its specialty was hand-blown and hand-painted globes for oil-burning lamps, called "Gone with The Wind" lamps today. Later into the early 1920s Fostoria focused on glassware for the home.

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In 1887, the company went into production in Fostoria, Ohio.The Fostoria Glass Company manufactured pressed, blown and hand-molded glassware and tableware for almost 100 years. Other men in the original management team were William S. To take advantage of Ohio's gas boom, the new company's glass works was built in Fostoria, Ohio.It began operations in Fostoria, Ohio, USA, on December 15, 1887, at South Vine Street, near Railroad, The company was organized by men that had worked for the Hobbs, Brockunier and Company glass works in Wheeling, West Virginia. The firm also received incentives of ,000 to ,000 cash.In 1915, Fostoria introduced the American pattern of glassware, which was not discontinued until the factory shut its doors in 1983; this remarkable 68-year run makes American the longest continually produced pattern in the domestic glassware industry. Dalzell—realized it had to think strategically in order to keep customer demand high enough for the factory to produce at capacity.Fostoria’s early tableware pieces, including these early American items, were generally either needle etched or wheel cut. With this motivation, Fostoria began an advertising campaign the likes of which had never been seen before in the glass industry—Fostoria’s marketing style would later be imitated by many of its major competitors.Gas shortages started occurring during the winter of 1890–91.


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