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With the popularity and rise in use of online text-based communications came the emergence of a new texting language, tailored to the immediacy and compactness of these new communication media.Today, text and chat abbreviations are used in Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, email, Internet and online gaming services, chat rooms, discussion boards and mobile phone text messaging (SMS).Doing that is only going to make them want to hide their activities.A better solution is to have frank, honest and factually accurate conversations with them about sex and sexuality.

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Warning: many of these terms are offensive This is pathetic. Also I don’t claim that there aren’t teens/pre-teens doing some of these things, but the answer is NOT to snoop in their personal communications and jump to conclusions.

It is another way of getting another chatter to talk to you, but it is considered to be rude unless you have no choice to, which is usually when no matter what you have said in the chat, everyone is still ignoring you even though you have not typed anything rude or insulting.

Chat Abbreviations To cut down time on typing, many people have started using abbreviations for various actions and phrases.

If you feel nervous about this keep in mind that women are more forgiving of men who cross the line than of men who are afraid to take chances in the first place.

Don’t dwell in the past Let’s say you take a risk in your text flirting and wind up saying something the girl doesn’t like (or you say something and never hear a response). Sending messages like this just dig the guy into an even deeper hole as it makes him look needy and desperate.


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